TextMate December 2008

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regular expression to count words OR inserting shell output in regular expressions
by Abhimanyu Lad
13 years

Java & Textmate 1496
by dfunct
13 years

WebMate whereabouts | how to edit in preview window
by Jon Ippolito
13 years

Syntax highlighting is gone...
by Nate Cavanaugh
13 years

NetNewsWire and Blogging with TextMate..
by David Orriss Jr
13 years

Keyboard shortcuts in context menus now need Command key too
by Paul Wright
13 years

trouble with ui.rb
by Piero D'Ancona
13 years

Re: disable new behavior in contextual menu for snippet selection - possible?
by minimal design
13 years

Objective-C completions for iPhone SDK.
by Rafael Vega
13 years

Markdown bundle's html2text.pl is old, bad unicode handling
by Michael Tyson
13 years
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