TextMate March 2006

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  • 141 discussions

TextMate hangs on large files...
by Jim Leask
13 years, 8 months

Feature request: Have Header/Source and Go To File honor directories
by Lars Pind
14 years, 10 months

How to copy a file?
by Sean Schertell
15 years, 12 months

Default color for Embedded Source
by Trevor Harmon
16 years, 2 months

feature request : .Mac Prefs Sync
by olivier Hericord
16 years, 4 months

Re: textmate Info Page
by Don Kalar
16 years, 6 months

adding to or modifying the symbol list for LaTeX?
by Gary L. Gray
16 years, 11 months

Command-/ (Comments) not working
by Oscar Bonilla
17 years

MultiMarkdown in TextMate
by Mark Eli Kalderon
17 years, 1 month

ProFont and tool tips
by Quinn Comendant
17 years, 1 month
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