TextMate June 2012

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Re: Problem with PHP syntax coloring
by Gustavo Straube
12 years

Textmate 1.5.10 error on Mac OS X 10.5.8
by Tudor Vedeanu
12 years

filters in the file browser
by Artie Ziff
12 years

[TM2] Soft Wrap - going way past the Window Frame
by Chip Cullen
12 years

Inconsistent selection with shift-option-down
by Chris Fonnesbeck
12 years

TextMate 2.0a run by two simultaneously logged-in users
by ravasthi
12 years

TM2 bundle dependencies
by Matthew Johnson
12 years

by domguin
12 years

Deadkeys, auto-pairing, etc.
by Andreas U Schmidhauser
12 years

[TM2] No filenames shown in tabs
by adamvert
12 years
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