TextMate March 2011

  • 46 participants
  • 49 discussions

Project management tool to make bundling more simple and easy for use
by Andrei Vishneuski
10 years

Window splitter
by Jerry
10 years

How to hide the scrollbar of textmate
by Elvis Zhou
10 years

A python debugger for TextMate: PythonMate
by Anders Hovmöller
10 years

Re: Color dialog missing opacity slider
by Craig Edmond
10 years

Color dialog missing opacity slider
by Ken Vu
10 years

shift-right and caret position question
by Saiwing Yeung
10 years

Show full file path in the window title, or path from home folder
by Vitaliy Yanchuk
10 years

Textile File blowing errors on Preview
by Mark Jackson
10 years
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