TextMate June 2009

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Re: JavaScript as TextMate extension
by Jon Ippolito
13 years

TM2 feature request: project file & git
by Gerd Knops
13 years

Diff Bundle
by Samuel Esposito
13 years

A lighter “Create HTML from Document”?
by Oli
13 years

"Edit in TextMate" not working in builds after 1498
by John Purnell
13 years

Bugs in DokuWiki bundle
by Wolfgang Reszel
13 years

code folding of method
by Artie Ziff
13 years

Intel 64bit
by Lawrence Curtis
13 years

Objective-C: Editing IBOutlets in textmate, but the interface builder does not recognize it.
by Zhimeng Han
13 years

Scoped preference files, same scope
by Tommy Nordgren
13 years
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