TextMate April 2009

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Substitute only here!
by Andrea Crotti
15 years

Re: how can I make TextMate the default editor for text files on 10.5.6
by John Laudun
15 years

Compile small objc project (.h, .m and main)
by Panagiotis Atmatzidis
15 years

App used to record the TM screencasts
by Mathieu Godart
15 years

Re: An old error is back: failed to establish connection with TextMate
by Brian Staszewski
15 years

set the open file dialogs current working dir to that of the current file
by Adi Sieker
15 years

Properly escaping characters in ruby script
by Ian Duncan
15 years

Unknown items in the languages list
by Ca1icoJack
15 years

Is there a limited heap or stack for running ruby in textmate?
by rburrowes
15 years

Font is blurry on dark background.
by don Jao
15 years
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