TextMate October 2007

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  • 156 discussions

"scriptmate.rb:128:in `initialize': Permission denied" when running Python script
by Daryl Spitzer
15 years

Indent size different from tab size
by James Milne
15 years

Ctrl key and shortcuts cease working
by Matt Freels
15 years

Hard wrapping in TextMate
by Guido Governatori
15 years

XMLMate plug-in broken as of TextMate 1.5.7?
by Rob Foxworthington
15 years

Re: [TxMt] Contacting Bundle Maintainers
by Torsten Walter
15 years

No Halloween-TM this year?
by Niels Kobschätzki
15 years

Re: [TxMt] RSpec Bundle errors
by Arthur Pétry
15 years

Ruby require_cmd equivalent.
by Simon Gregory
15 years

Minor Pasteboard question (problem)
by Hans-Joerg Bibiko
15 years
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