[TxMt] Re: AppleScript template not working

Rasmus Malver rasmus at malver.dk
Tue Jul 12 22:27:33 UTC 2016

Yup. It's not even my script or idea. When TextMate discontinued
new-from-template I wrote to this very list, and that script was the
solution provided.

> In this snippet you can use backticks to execute commands and then use
> TM_MATE to set the language of the current document, for example make
> the snippet like this:
> |<!DOCTYPE html>`"$TM_MATE" &>/dev/null -t text.html.php &` <html
> lang="da"> … |

Allan, I'm chuffed there's finally a way to set the language without
resorting to the AppleScript tell System Events-thing! I'll look into it



On 12/07/16 23.43, Matt Neuburg wrote:
>> On Jul 12, 2016, at 1:37 PM, Rasmus Malver <rasmus at malver.dk> wrote:
>> Since templates were discontinued I've been using this AppleScript to make a quick HTML doc:
> I'm kind of amazed your script _ever_ worked. You're not even talking to TextMate. And I don't see anything that would make the template text appear in the document; you're just making a kind of "here doc". You're just sort of trusting that the "result" of your script will magically become the text of the document at the right moment.
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