[TxMt] Re: AppleScript template not working

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Tue Jul 12 21:43:15 UTC 2016

On 12 Jul 2016, at 22:37, Rasmus Malver wrote:

> Since templates were discontinued I've been using this AppleScript to
> make a quick HTML doc:

I suggest you change the command to a snippet with your desired 

In this snippet you can use backticks to execute commands and then use 
TM_MATE to set the language of the current document, for example make 
the snippet like this:

	<!DOCTYPE html>`"$TM_MATE" &>/dev/null -t text.html.php &`
	<html lang="da">

When inserted, it should change document type to `text.html.php`.

Another more declarative approach is via the PHP grammar’s first line 
match, though as your first line is currently matched by the HTML 
grammar, you need to make two changes:

1. Go to Bundles → HTML → Language Grammars → HTML and clear the 
First Line Match text field.

2. Go to Bundles → PHP → Language Grammars → PHP and change the 
First Line Match to this:

		^#!.*(?<!-)php[0-9]{0,1}\b|<\?php|<!DOCTYPE html>

Now when the first line of a document contains `<!DOCTYPE html>` 
TextMate will change type to PHP, this inclundes inserting your HTML 
boilerplate in a new untitled document.

> […] The problem is rather unusual. It appears that System Events is
> reversing the order of the commands.

It was likely caused by 

This change was made to fix another issue, it won’t be the last change 
related to synchronous command execution, but I am not sure TextMate 
should guarantee anything about the order in which things are done when 
running a command which produce output and send key strokes to TextMate 
(while running).

So I hope one of the two approaches suggested above will be acceptable 
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