[TxMt] Re: AppleScript template not working

Matt Neuburg matt at tidbits.com
Tue Jul 12 21:55:58 UTC 2016

> On Jul 12, 2016, at 2:43 PM, Matt Neuburg <matt at tidbits.com> wrote:
> I'm kind of amazed your script _ever_ worked. You're not even talking to TextMate. And I don't see anything that would make the template text appear in the document; you're just making a kind of "here doc". You're just sort of trusting that the "result" of your script will magically become the text of the document at the right moment.

Just to be more specific, here's an AppleScript that does more the sort of thing you're after:

tell application "System Events"
	tell application "TextMate" to activate
	tell application process "TextMate"
		keystroke "n" using {command down}
		delay 1
		keystroke "h" using {control down, option down, shift down}
		delay 1
		keystroke "1"
		delay 1
		keystroke "<html>"
		keystroke return
		keystroke "</html>"
	end tell
end tell

That's not the exact result you're after, but it is the sort of thing you should be doing. m.

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