[TxMt] Re: location of pop-up not under cursor

Stefan Daschek stefan at daschek.net
Wed Jul 8 14:41:18 UTC 2015

Am 08.07.15 um 16:23 schrieb Matt Neuburg:
> I don't attach any mental meaning to _where_ the thing pops up; I don't understand it now, so I'm not likely to understand it based on some other or more refined rule. I'm really not concerned about "elegant". Just "visible"! Maybe just "bigger" would do it, if my centering idea seems like too much. Anyway, thanks for thinking about it! m.

As kind of a workaround you could try to press “cursor down” – this 
visually selects the first entry (changing the line's background color) 
and so could help in finding the menu. (Repeat if necessary.)


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