[TxMt] Re: TextMate 1 vs 2

bmf brandon at fryslie.com
Wed Feb 6 17:30:49 UTC 2013

Basically Allan has stated that he will not add similar functionality 
himself (it has been discussed thoroughly :)).  .tm_properties files 
really do not come close to emulating the project functionality of TM1, 
but they do offer tons of additional functionality so it's somewhat of a 

TM2 is now open-source so you could attempt to add some of that 
functionality back in, or simply switch to something with the features 
you need.  Turns out there has been an explosion of pretty decent IDEs / 
text editors recently.

On 2013-02-06 06:54, Phil Schumm wrote:
> On Feb 6, 2013, at 6:55 AM, bobrocke wrote:
>> One of the nice features of TextMate 1 projects was their ability to 
>> gather folders from anywhere in the file system. TextMate 2 projects 
>> mirror the file system. Is there some way to mimic the v1 projects 
>> behavior in v2, or must we just move on? Maybe switch tools if it's a 
>> "must have" capability?
> I haven't followed this issue very carefully; I believe the last word
> (from Allan) was that while he was not ruling out new features in the
> future which might replace some of what you could do with TM 1
> projects (e.g., additional virtual data sources in the file browser),
> TM 2 definitely represents a change in design philosophy from TM 1 RE
> how projects are conceptualized.  I know how annoying it can be when
> someone else tells you that your own use case is not legitimate, and 
> I
> have no wish to do that.  All I will say, however, is that
> conceptualizing projects in terms of portable directories with their
> own settings files is a huge help when working with Mercurial, Git,
> etc., and provides a lot of capabilities that did not exist in TM 1.
> Also, strategies such as reorganizing files/directories and using
> sub-repositories combined with appropriate exclusions in your
> .tm_properties file(s) allow you to mimic some of what you could do
> with TM 1 projects.
> That said, it may be that if you can't live without TM 1 projects,
> continuing to use TM 1 or using another editor/tool is your only
> option at the moment.  Others can correct me if I am mistaken.
> -- Phil
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