[TxMt] Re: kill

Gildas Hamel gweltaz at ucsc.edu
Sun Jun 24 05:06:21 UTC 2012

* Skriv a reas Kyle Johnson (kbj at linguist.umass.edu):
  |>  Yes: I used ctrl+k  too heavily in TM1 to get it out of my fingers now.
  |>  I wonder what is different about your setup (and mine), from
  |>  Gildas Hamel's, for whom ctrl+k works. Like Gildas Hamel, I too
  |>  am on 10.7.4, and TM2 9113. The only way I know my setup
  |>  diverges from the standard is that I have modified the LaTeX
  |>  bundle.
Not sure what I do differently. I also have a modified LaTeX bundle, as well as a slightly modified Text bundle (date and stats commands).

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