[TxMt] [TM1 & TM2] running "mate dir" on same (already open) folder twice

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Sun Jun 24 19:05:50 UTC 2012

TextMate seems to be smart enough to figure out that some file is already open in certain project, so calling "mate file" on already open file just brings existing TM window to front, also when file isn't open, but lays within some project window, it does bring this window to the font and opens the file inside it.

But.... when we try to "mate dir" where dir is already open in TM, it opens new window (copy) again! Can we please change this behavior? I often end up with multiple copies of the same dir/project, which often leads to unwanted modifications and real mess.

Adam Strzelecki | nanoant.com | twitter.com/nanoant

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