[TxMt] Re: kill

Kyle Johnson kbj at linguist.umass.edu
Sat Jun 23 11:53:19 UTC 2012

Yes: I used ctrl+k  too heavily in TM1 to get it out of my fingers now.

I wonder what is different about your setup (and mine), from Gildas  
Hamel's, for whom ctrl+k works. Like Gildas Hamel, I too am on 10.7.4,  
and TM2 9113. The only way I know my setup diverges from the standard  
is that I have modified the LaTeX bundle.


Quoting Brian Powell <powellb at gmail.com>:

> This behavior has been broken since TM2 came out (still broken in  
> 9113). Hopefully, the line kill will return eventually. I've had to  
> modify my own behavior to account for some of the changes, but this  
> one is hard for me to drop...
> Cheers, Brian
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>> From: Kyle Johnson <kbj at linguist.umass.edu>
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>> Subject: [TxMt] kill
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>> When I press ctrl+K  in TM2, it kills (i.e., deletes) the line the  
>> cursor is on. When I press it a second time, it won't kill the line  
>> it now falls on. I think this has been true for all the versions of  
>> TM2 (mine is currently 9113).
>> I haven't seen this problem reported. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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