[TxMt] Re: softWrap always on in Git commit messages

Christopher Creutzig christopher at creutzig.de
Wed Jan 11 08:13:37 UTC 2012

On 11.01.12 06:08, Adam Sharp wrote:

>     [ .git/COMMIT_EDITMSG ]
>     fileType = text.git-commit
>     softWrap = false

Have you tried

[ text.git-commit ]
softWrap = false

(Allan said settings for styles take precedence over those for file
names.) Also, in the Bundle Editor, you'll find that under
Git/Settings/Style: Diff, softWrap is explicitly disabled for the diffs.
I'd guess you can do the same thing for text.git-commit as well, but the
above setting in tm_properties should do that, too.


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