[TxMt] Re: Textmate's bundle Insert Scratch Snippet steals accented S (Ś) character shortcut

Allan Odgaard mailinglist at textmate.org
Mon May 17 13:07:07 UTC 2010

On 17 May 2010, at 14:30, Adam Strzelecki wrote:

>> […] what is the perceived effect of including such remark?
> […] Still I wonder what was the EFFECT in your case, Allan :) Kind  
> of psychoanalysis question, isn't it? Lay down on the sofa, relax  
> please, and tell us your story...

I can’t put my finger on it, but something just rubs me the wrong way  
when I see users state subjectively that they think something is a bug  
after they have explained a feature or change request.

I think I am reading it as “until you fulfill my request I will  
consider your program broken” rather than “the problem described is  
important to me”.

I’ll try to translate it to the latter, when I read the statement in  
the future :)

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