[TxMt] Re: Some newbie questions . . .

Thorsten Hamann thorsten.hamann at crt.de
Wed Feb 25 13:16:01 UTC 2009


Hans-Jörg Bibiko schrieb:
> By myself, I'm German, I'm using an US-keyboard due to these conflicts  
> and to learn how to type ü or ß is VERY easy. In other words if you  
> use an US/GB keyboard  instead make the life (on a Mac) much easier.

wow, just wow. :) While you obviously like it that way, I'd say if I 
have to choose between some minor inconvenience in one or two 
applications and dealing with a foreign keyboard layout, having to learn 
shortcuts for common characters of my native language (and having to 
re-adapt every time I use another computer), I'll choose the 
inconvenience of sometimes having to use the mouse or remap some 
shortcut. :)

It might have come over quite harsh, but actually I don't mind much that 
some shortcuts don't work (such as Ctrl-|). I can remap those which are 
of use to me. But I was just baffled by the fact that a simple 
Ctrl-Cmd-Alt-K wouldn't work as intended. :)

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