[TxMt] ActionScript 3 bundle

simon at helvector.org simon at helvector.org
Wed May 7 10:00:56 UTC 2008

> Loading configuration file /Developer/flex_sdk_3/frameworks/flex-
> config.xml
> /Users/RayMerkler/ueca/com/hindrances/ueca/Ueca.as: Error: A file
> found in a source-path must have the same package structure '', as the
> definition's package, 'com.hindrances.ueca'.

The package declaration inside the Ueca.as class needs to reflect the
directory structure that contains it. So, in this instance, it's logically
"package com.hindrances.ueca {" however you don't have the conventional
src/ or source/ directory to identify the source root. You may need to
check what the compiler expects the source root to be and adjust it's
settings accordingly.

If you update the bundle I have added an exception catch to the script
which parses mxmlc output. This means that any lines that aren't matched
will now reach the output window as raw text.


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