[TxMt] Re: TextMate 2, I give it up

Clark Endrizzi cendrizzi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 15:34:17 UTC 2008

I agree with the last several statements.  A sneak peak would have
tremendous value for those of us that have been waiting.

I know some people have held off on bundle development since they figured
they should wait for TM2 instead.  We're all working in software
development, and know the difficulty of gauging exact timelines (etc), but
some kind of update every now and again would be encouraging.  Transparency
is always a nice thing for users.

I was happy to see that TM2 would be a free upgrade, but I'm with Adam if
this has held up, or at least discouraged in any way, the development of TM2
(which we've seen no indication that this has been the case but still..).

Clark Endrizzi
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