[TxMt] Re: TextMate 2, I give it up

Michael Gregoire mgregoire at nvzion.com
Wed Aug 6 13:43:12 UTC 2008

I also have held off regarding TM2, but I second Christopher's  

It seems to me that it wouldn't be such a negative thing to begin  
some buzz regarding the app. If TM2 development is still in such an  
early state that any kind of buzz is not a good thing, than I  
question why is it taking so long? 1.5-2 yrs is quite a long time.

These are just questions.... not complaints. TM1 gets the job done  
for now, but a new version would be welcomed with open arms.

On Aug 6, 2008, at 9:19 AM, Christopher Boerger wrote:
>> Please, lets not start this again.
>> Be happy with what you have, and dream of TM2 at night,
>> but for the love of god, stop complaining in the mean time.
> I think it's fair enough to ask. TextMate 2 has been talked about for
> what, 1.5 -2 years now? There's rarely an update as to the progress
> either, which is what I think is the main reason people ask "so
> where's TextMate 2.0 at?" It's a closed-source commercial product
> (which, for the record, is okee dokee by me) so, in my opinion, there
> is more responsibility in communicating with your customers. Nobody
> can just hop in and adopt the open-source "don't like it, then fix it"
> approach. Why are people so defensive about talking about it? Perhaps
> I missed a TextMate 2.0 mega-flame battle prior to subscribing to this
> list.
> Clearly TextMate is great. Clearly TextMate is an impressive version
> 1.x generation product. However, if you really think that TextMate is
> so complete then I question if you have used any other text editor or
> IDE or if you are just a fanboy. Basic features like split panes
> windows and a decent undo system are missing. Because those features
> are so basic it means their absence is felt nearly every time I use
> TextMate. I won't get into what features from what editors are  
> missing/
> would be nice but I list those two only to underscore the point that
> TextMate, while great, still has, at the very least, some basic
> functionality missing. Basic functionality that will, we assume, be
> addressed with TextMate 2.0. There isn't a day the goes by that I
> don't lament the lack of a split pane window. Please note that this
> does not imply I don't think TextMate doesn't have many great things
> about it that other editors are missing. TextMate rocks.
> Therefore, after a long, silent wait since its announcement and the
> fact that there are still some glaring holes with the current release
> I think it's fair to ask, "so where's 2.0 at?" It's not a complaint,
> it's just a question and a reasonable one at that.
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