[TxMt] Re: TextMate 2, I give it up

Christopher Boerger astromac at fastmail.fm
Wed Aug 6 13:19:35 UTC 2008

> Please, lets not start this again.
> Be happy with what you have, and dream of TM2 at night,
> but for the love of god, stop complaining in the mean time.

I think it's fair enough to ask. TextMate 2 has been talked about for  
what, 1.5 -2 years now? There's rarely an update as to the progress  
either, which is what I think is the main reason people ask "so  
where's TextMate 2.0 at?" It's a closed-source commercial product  
(which, for the record, is okee dokee by me) so, in my opinion, there  
is more responsibility in communicating with your customers. Nobody  
can just hop in and adopt the open-source "don't like it, then fix it"  
approach. Why are people so defensive about talking about it? Perhaps  
I missed a TextMate 2.0 mega-flame battle prior to subscribing to this  

Clearly TextMate is great. Clearly TextMate is an impressive version  
1.x generation product. However, if you really think that TextMate is  
so complete then I question if you have used any other text editor or  
IDE or if you are just a fanboy. Basic features like split panes  
windows and a decent undo system are missing. Because those features  
are so basic it means their absence is felt nearly every time I use  
TextMate. I won't get into what features from what editors are missing/ 
would be nice but I list those two only to underscore the point that  
TextMate, while great, still has, at the very least, some basic  
functionality missing. Basic functionality that will, we assume, be  
addressed with TextMate 2.0. There isn't a day the goes by that I  
don't lament the lack of a split pane window. Please note that this  
does not imply I don't think TextMate doesn't have many great things  
about it that other editors are missing. TextMate rocks.

Therefore, after a long, silent wait since its announcement and the  
fact that there are still some glaring holes with the current release  
I think it's fair to ask, "so where's 2.0 at?" It's not a complaint,  
it's just a question and a reasonable one at that.

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