[TxMt] Editing a langage Grammar

Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Tue Sep 18 23:51:01 UTC 2007

Le 19 sept. 07 à 00:37, Michael Sheets a écrit :

> Finally figured out your issue, you had been saying service but I  
> thought you just didn't know the right terminology. :) Had  
> forgotten that it did use to be a service, was before I started  
> using it heavily.
> First go remove the service, it's very old. It would be in ~/ 
> Library/Services/ I presume.
> Then go install the proper one, an Input Manager now. In the  
> Textmate bundle choose "Install Edit in Textmate". After it  
> installs restart the application you want to use it in an it will  
> be in the Edit menu of the application and work like I mentioned  
> before. :)

I'm tired with this problem

yes I know the terminology : service but I don't know that there are  
two same things for edit in TM

Yes in the folder Services I found TexMate Service.service and in  
InputManagers "Edit in TextMate". I remove the two services and I  
create a new one with  the Textmate bundle "Install Edit in Textmate".
Now I do't have any "edit Servive in TM" in the services menu.
It's more simple ....

I think that there is a little bug , If textmate service.service  
becomes why don't remove the old one before create tne new one.

But now how to "make in service" (french expresion) Edit in Menu .  
I've it in InputManagers but noting in the services :(

Regars Alain

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