[TxMt] Editing a langage Grammar

Michael Sheets mummer at whitefalls.org
Wed Sep 19 00:15:08 UTC 2007

> I'm tired with this problem

Yeah sorry, we should have picked up on the real issue earlier.

> yes I know the terminology : service but I don't know that there  
> are two same things for edit in TM
> I think that there is a little bug , If textmate service.service  
> becomes why don't remove the old one before create tne new one.
> But now how to "make in service" (french expresion) Edit in Menu .  
> I've it in InputManagers but noting in the services :(

Look in the Edit menu of any application, you'll find a new menu  
option there. "Edit in Textmate", with a shortcut of control-command- 
E. Won't find anything in the services menu at all.

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