[TxMt] Re: Textmate for remote files

Yann B textmate at minimaldesign.net
Wed May 30 13:01:29 UTC 2007

> I too am a huge (unfortunate) fan of working on remote files...
> This topic has been discussed at great length.  Since it is  
> apparent none
> of the existing solutions work nicely and as elegantly as working  
> on local
> code we all have come up with less than ideal solutions for solving  
> this
> problem.  I for example use RBrowser because I like that - but  
> again it is
> less than perfect.  So.. We need a better solution.  Writing down the
> short list of requirements
>         - Tie to Textmate - very closely
>         - Allow me to easily create a project out of remote files
>         - Allow me to add remote files
>         - Allow me to search those remote files
>         - Save the file back
>         - Connect via ssh
>         - Should be able to routinely (background) poll the remote  
> system
> and determine the status of the file.  This should be able to be  
> turned
> off or time adjusted based on user needs.  I wouldn't need this per  
> se.
>         - Should have an integrated browser mechanism which 1) gets  
> on a
> remote system (ssh) 2) allows you to traverse a remote file system
>         - Might want to be able to bind a command to a save ( svn  
> commit )
> feature
>         - Might want to be able to bind a command to the file  
> status ( p4
> fstat ) feature
> OK what do we need to add shorten or comment on??  Perhaps the  
> cyberduck /
> rbrowser / macfuse / Olrik  folks are listening.  I think David  
> Olrik's
> solution is a decent start but needs a bit more polishing.  A better
> solution can't be far off..
> Thoughts??

At this point (unless TextMate 2.0 addresses the issue ;) I think  
MacFuse pretty much solves everything, so the single one change that  
I would like to see in textmate is a mechanism to stop and/or set  
intervals on the project directory scanning routine. I have no idea  
what that would entail or if it's even feasible, so forgive me Allan  
if what I'm saying is ludicrous... ;) That single change would make  
MacFuse usable on projects that have more than 5 files... and solve  
everything... no?
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