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David Jack Olrik david at olrik.dk
Tue May 29 19:22:46 UTC 2007

On 29/05/2007, at 16.41, Steven.Klass at smsc.com wrote:

>  - Tie to Textmate - very closely

Agreed - I have tried to add easy key-combos to my sync bundle.

apple+shift+s : save and sync current file via scp
apple+F12     : sync entire project with rsync

The configure options do not have a key-combo, as this is typically  
something you only do once per project.

>  - Allow me to easily create a project out of remote files

This one is tricky, as TextMate Bundle commands need an open file in  
order to be activated. So you have to create a directory with an  
empty file before you can fetch the remote files.

>  - Allow me to add remote files

Files are added locally and the synced to the remote end, this also  
fixes the next requirement

>  - Allow me to search those remote files

All project files are "cached" locally so searching is easily done  
with TextMates normal search functions.

>  - Save the file back

You can do this either for the current file or for the whole project.

>  - Connect via ssh

Is there any other way ;)

>  - Should be able to routinely (background) poll the remote system  
> and determine the status of the file.  This should be able to be  
> turned off or time adjusted based on user needs.  I wouldn't need  
> this per se.

This is the reason that TextMate is slow when working on networked  
volumes. TextMate scans the project directory continuously in order  
to update the project drawer.

>  - Should have an integrated browser mechanism which 1) gets on a  
> remote system (ssh) 2) allows you to traverse a remote file system

If you can accept that all editing is done locally then my sync  
bundle will do what you want.

I am curious as to why you would want to do this ?

>  - Might want to be able to bind a command to a save ( svn commit )  
> feature
>  - Might want to be able to bind a command to the file status ( p4  
> fstat ) feature

These will be void if you can accept to work locally, TextMate has  
excellent support for both subversion and perforce (haven't tried the  
Perforce bundle though)

> OK what do we need to add shorten or comment on??  Perhaps the  
> cyberduck / rbrowser / macfuse / Olrik  folks are listening.

I think MacFUSE is the most elegant solution, but it is useless as  
long as TextMate insists on continuously rescanning the project  

I tried the cyberduck bundle a long time ago, but found that it took  
too long time to sync a single file for my taste, plus it wasn't  
integrated tightly enough into TextMate. I just want to press "save"  
and then my file should appear on the remote server.

> I think David Olrik's solution is a decent start but needs a bit  
> more polishing.  A better solution can't be far off..

What kind of polishing did you have in mind ? I'm listening =)

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