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Steven.Klass at smsc.com Steven.Klass at smsc.com
Tue May 29 14:41:47 UTC 2007

You know...

        I too am a huge (unfortunate) fan of working on remote files... 
This topic has been discussed at great length.  Since it is apparent none 
of the existing solutions work nicely and as elegantly as working on local 
code we all have come up with less than ideal solutions for solving this 
problem.  I for example use RBrowser because I like that - but again it is 
less than perfect.  So.. We need a better solution.  Writing down the 
short list of requirements
        - Tie to Textmate - very closely
        - Allow me to easily create a project out of remote files
        - Allow me to add remote files
        - Allow me to search those remote files
        - Save the file back 
        - Connect via ssh
        - Should be able to routinely (background) poll the remote system 
and determine the status of the file.  This should be able to be turned 
off or time adjusted based on user needs.  I wouldn't need this per se.
        - Should have an integrated browser mechanism which 1) gets on a 
remote system (ssh) 2) allows you to traverse a remote file system
        - Might want to be able to bind a command to a save ( svn commit ) 
        - Might want to be able to bind a command to the file status ( p4 
fstat ) feature

OK what do we need to add shorten or comment on??  Perhaps the cyberduck / 
rbrowser / macfuse / Olrik  folks are listening.  I think David Olrik's 
solution is a decent start but needs a bit more polishing.  A better 
solution can't be far off..



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Re: [TxMt] Textmate for remote files

Den 27. mai. 2007 kl. 08.56 skrev Malte Sussdorff:

> Textmate is great to work with, if you are using it on your mac. 
> The moment
> you have a file on a remote server though, things get tough, at 
> least with
> MacFuse using SSH.

I used TextMate over nfs and everytime TextMate gets focus it will 
search through your project for changes made by other programs.

After a while as my projects, waiting for TextMate *everytime* it got 
focus started to make me feel like a potential serial killer.

The solution(for me, at least): do a checkout of your code on your 
local mac, edit with textmate, use scp(just create a command and bind 
it to ^+command+s or something) to copy the files to the server.

It's great! :-)
Knut Ivar Nesheim

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