[TxMt] multikey key bindings for textmate?

Soryu Soryu at serenity.de
Sat May 26 23:21:41 UTC 2007

On 27.05.2007, at 00:26, Kenneth McDonald wrote:

> 1) I know that (using the great Key Binding Editor facility), I can  
> bind emacs-style multikey sequences to os x editing actions. Can I  
> bind multikey sequences to TextMate macros or scripts?

No, unfortunately not.

> 2) When editing text files in bundles, is it possible to bring up  
> the file directly in a normal textmate window, rather than in the  
> 'bundle editor window'? Copying and pasting back and forth seems  
> sorta pointless, for the most part.

You can use the “Edit in TextMate” input manager [1].


[1]: http://macromates.com/blog/archives/2006/04/27/textmate-tricks/

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