[TxMt] Re: multikey key bindings for textmate?

Jacob Rus jacobolus at gmail.com
Sun May 27 01:18:30 UTC 2007

Kenneth McDonald wrote:
> 1) I know that (using the great Key Binding Editor facility), I can bind 
> emacs-style multikey sequences to os x editing actions. Can I bind 
> multikey sequences to TextMate macros or scripts?

No, and for good reason.  Bundle designers would go crazy. ;)

> 2) When editing text files in bundles, is it possible to bring up the 
> file directly in a normal textmate window, rather than in the 'bundle 
> editor window'? Copying and pasting back and forth seems sorta 
> pointless, for the most part.

Use Edit in TextMate input manager

> P.S. what's the best solution for making the caps lock behave like 
> ctrl--DoubleKey? It'd doesn't seem to work on my external keyboard 
> (hangs the keyboard), but maybe because that's because I have 
> Quicksilver installed.

Use the OS X Keyboard preferences

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