[TxMt] Re: Several newbie-questions

Jacob Rus jacobolus at gmail.com
Fri May 11 03:43:01 UTC 2007

Thomas Mai wrote:
> How can I open the file at the cursor directly from inside the editor?

You'll have to explain.  Are you talking about a complete file path?  In 
what language file?

> Can TM hilight the matching brackets? (I'm using "pastels on dark" color 
> scheme; if thats important...)

When you arrow past the final bracket, the starting bracket is 
highlighted.  You can also select everything inside a pair of brackets 
with Edit → Select → Enclosing Brackets.

> How do I make the cursor follow when I've scrolled some pages with 
> Ctrl-CursorUp/Down? "Standard-behaviour" is that the cursor stays where 
> I've started.


> How do I find the next match (for the same criteria) when searching 
> incrementally with Ctrl+S?

press ⌃S again

> Is there a simple calculator in TM?

There are a few, but you can certainly make your own if they don't do 
enough.  Take a look through the bundles. (hint, there's a "math" bundle)

> I prefer bookmarks that I can access directly, e.g. something like ^1 
> for line 40, ^2 for line 88 etc - instead of F2. Can I have that with TM?

You could probably make some commands for such a thing.


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