[TxMt] Re: Several newbie-questions

Thomas Mai tom at tommai.de
Fri May 11 11:40:51 UTC 2007

Hi Jacob,

thanks for your help!

>> How can I open the file at the cursor directly from inside the  
>> editor?
> You'll have to explain.  Are you talking about a complete file  
> path?  In what language file?

I'm coding in PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML and, yes, a complete file  
path can be part of the file name.
What I mean is: Let's say there's something like "require 'shared/ 
session.inc.php';" in my code. Now I'd like to move the cursor above  
the filename, press any shortcut, and - voilà - TextMate opens the  

>> Can TM hilight the matching brackets? (I'm using "pastels on dark"  
>> color scheme; if thats important...)
> When you arrow past the final bracket, the starting bracket is  
> highlighted.  You can also select everything inside a pair of  
> brackets with Edit → Select → Enclosing Brackets.

Ah ja, I expected that - but that does not "really" work in my TM copy.
Some short, one-time-only flashing can be seen when I move the cursor  
from left to right over the closing bracket.
But... I guess there should be more ;)


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