[TxMt] Is the following pdfsync-instruction right?

Niels Kobschätzki n.kobschaetzki at googlemail.com
Thu May 10 13:04:33 UTC 2007

On May 10, 2007, at 3:01 PM, Mark Eli Kalderon wrote:

> On May 10 2007, at 13:12, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:
>> On May 10, 2007, at 7:13 AM, Niels Kobschätzki wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> Skim (skim-app.sourceforge.net), a very neat and free pdf-viewer  
>>> supports now pdfsync and they set up a wiki with some  
>>> instructions how to enable Skim as viewer for pdfsync in  
>>> Textmate. But I think the instructions are more complex than they  
>>> should be.
>>> The site is: http://skim-app.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/ 
>>> LaTeX_and_PDFSync
>>> Isn't it even in the standard-install of TextMate only necessary  
>>> to set the Shell Variable TM_LATEX_VIEWER to Skim?
>> No, the LaTeX and View, and the other sync command, need to make  
>> an extra call if the viewer supports pdfsync. Currently we are  
>> only handling TeXniscope and PDFView, but I think we should be  
>> able to add Skim to the list.
>> I haven't tried Skim, what are its advantages over PDFView?
> One reason TextMate should support Skim out of the box is that  
> there is evidence that development of PDFView may halt. On the  
> Sourceforge tracker, Andrea Bergia, PDFView’s developer, writes:[1]
>> Hello, I am the developer of PDFView, an application which seems  
>> superseded by your wonderful Skim in many regards. I actually plan  
>> to use it as my default PDF reader…
> Best, Mark
> [1]: <http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?% 
> 20func=detail&aid=1693191&group_id=192583&atid=941984>

Didn't he even think about joining or even joined the ppl developing  


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