[TxMt] Subversion Bundle Oddities

digilord at mac.com digilord at mac.com
Tue May 1 19:07:28 UTC 2007

I just tried to do a key equivalent search.  Interestingly when I  
attempt to type that key sequence it is interpreted as COMMAND-V  
which is Paste.  I found the issue.  It was global to my system,  
although I only use that key sequence in TM.  By turning off programs  
one at a time I found that Drop Drawers was the culprit.  It does  
something to the key sequences and re-maps them (bad program).  I  
won't be using that program anymore.

Sorry to blame TM.

Thank you for the help.

On May 1, 2007, at 11:43 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 1. May 2007, at 18:06, digilord at mac.com wrote:
>> This morning I downloaded version 1.5.5 (1138).  I use TextMate  
>> with Subversion every day.  Today when I executed CTRL-SHIFT-A to  
>> do a check in this got pasted into my document: [...]
>> I searched through the bundles and did not see a bundle that used  
>> that key sequence.  I did notice that when I type that sequence  
>> the Edit menu item at the top of the screen flashes briefly.  Can  
>> anyone shed any light on what might be causing this?
> This is reproducible? The Edit menu flashes each time? Try look in  
> the Edit menu for items with the key sequence (you can open the  
> Edit menu and press the keys, then see if an item flashes).
> When you searched the bundle items, did you do it via the Select  
> Bundle Item… switching to key equivalent search?
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