[TxMt] Macro finding in project...

Juan Falgueras jfalgueras at uma.es
Tue May 1 16:08:41 UTC 2007


a newbie question, I think...

it was very easy :) to make a macro for quickfind the current word  
(bind this to a Cmd-Opt-Shift-Left/Right arrows make move around the  
source code really a charm).. but it has been a recurrent temptation  
for me to wide the finding to the rest of the files in the project.    
As I use the Cmd-Shift-F dialog I find it really more and more clever  
(I used to miss the word boundaries check box.. but is ok as it is if  
you know a little of regexps, of course, as it must be ;)  The  
problem is it was for me impossible to make the macro follow the Find  
in project the current word... I suppose the problem exceeds the way  
TM makes the project finding.  TM establish a panel where you see  
each line with the word highlighted (really clever) but it has no way  
to jump to  the word without the dialog... is it?

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