[TxMt] howto help: new user can't figure out HTML completion (10.3 vs 10.4)

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Mon Sep 25 13:05:04 UTC 2006

On 25/9/2006, at 14:58, Textmate List User Ivy wrote:

> [...] does TextMate have all its features when run in Panther (OS X  
> 10.3)? And if not, what am I missing?

It won’t save meta data, such as caret position, bookmarks, and which  
text is folded.

You can’t drag items directly from the bundle editor to the Finder  
(to save e.g a tmCommand file or bundle for distribution).

You won’t get the tab triggers rendered in the menu.

Some of the bundle items (those written in Ruby) will require Ruby  
1.8 (which you can install on Panther though) -- a few also make use  
of giving arguments in the shebang line, which is not compatible with  
Panther. IOW some of the bundle items will fail, but can generally be  

There might be a few other subtleties, but I think the above is about  

> Scrutinizing the text insertion screencast I noticed *my version  
> (1.5.3)
> is missing the "Automation" menu. Ah-ha!

That menu is now the Bundles menu.

> I find no mention of system requirements or Panther versus Tiger  
> capabilities in the docs (aside from a couple minor ones). Is there  
> a version feature comparison matrix somewhere? Maybe that's just  
> for when you have an entire martketing department!

And when Panther users actually make out for more than 1-2% ;)

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