[TxMt] Textmate RoR Bundle tweak - Running tests straight from TM?

Carl Lerche carl.lerche at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 20:20:57 UTC 2006


Ok, I'm probably missing something obvious here, but I can't find
anything in textmate to let you run your tests without going to the
terminal. With everything else in there, it seems like it would be
something included.

Anyway, I took a few minutes from work to do a quick hack to the
bundle (my changes attached). I bound the run test command to command
- option - G. If the textmate cursor is in a controller or model, it
will run the associated test file. If the TM cursor is in a test file
(unit or functional) it will only run the test method that the cursor
is in (so that when I'm writing a test, I can run it real quick). If
the cursor is outside of a test method (test_*) it will run the entire

I added a file to the bundle ( bin/test_helper.rb) and a command.

I also might have found a bug in the bundle. See the comments in

Please let me know if there already is something out there that would
probably be far more thought through than this quick hack.

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