[TxMt] Auto-close markup

Domenico Carbotta domenico.carbotta at fastwebnet.it
Tue Jan 10 03:25:37 UTC 2006

> Certainly, but that's not a user interface issue. Timothy, if I  
> understand him correctly, was proposing to change the interface all  
> around with context-sensitive menus, and that's what I was  
> disputing: The only INTERFACE (not implementation) change necessary  
> is to move Insert Closing Tag into a bundle.

step up and write a command that behaves like the hardcoded "insert  
closing tag" in perl/python/erlang/brainf*ck, make a command out of  
it and put it into the HTML bundle. you can just have macros,  
snippets and commands in bundles, and "insert closing tag" at the  
moment is just black magic.

(or you could do it the silly way: insert into the html bundle a  
macro that just calls "Insert Closing Tag", a bit pointless if you  
ask me.)

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