[TxMt] Auto-close markup

Trevor Harmon trevor at vocaro.com
Mon Jan 9 21:35:52 UTC 2006

On Jan 9, 2006, at 1:13 PM, Jeroen van der Ham wrote:

> That doesn't solve this problem, but raises another one: it would  
> become  the only bundle item that can't be editted.

As I said, I was talking ONLY about the interface. Rewriting the  
underlying implementation of Insert Closing Tag is a separate issue,  
and it would certainly have to be dealt with before changes to the  
interface can happen.

> We need to write a new command that will duplicate the behavior, so  
> that the hardcoded one can be retired.

Certainly, but that's not a user interface issue. Timothy, if I  
understand him correctly, was proposing to change the interface all  
around with context-sensitive menus, and that's what I was disputing:  
The only INTERFACE (not implementation) change necessary is to move  
Insert Closing Tag into a bundle.


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