[TxMt] scroll using keys

David Eriksson bbs at fatslice.com
Mon Jan 2 10:35:00 UTC 2006


I like using key commands for scrolling / reading. That is, not just 
moving one line up/down, more like continuous movement vertically.
   Navigation -> Scroll -> Line Up/Down

Using this command (while holding down / key repeat), firing a 
shortcut makes the top-menu blink. So, when using it for continuos 
scrolling it feels a bit sluggish due to this.

Also, when I've scrolled say 1 1/2 page, how do I center the cursor 
on the visible area!?

I'm used to this from bbedit where you have ctrl alt and command + 
arrows for scrolling in different speeds. Say ctrl-down = one line, 
ctrl-alt-down = three lines, etc. Then when you see that line you 
wanna edit, I use command-shift-J for moving the cursor -> "Go to 
center line".

In bb I don't think the shortcuts for this is available in the main 
menu, which makes them run without the menu-blink for each key repeat.


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