[TxMt] cursor positioning off by one or two characters

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Mon Jan 2 04:39:12 UTC 2006

On 2/1/2006, at 5:26, Alan McLean wrote:

> When I am editing a plain text piece, its fine, but when I am doing  
> ROR it appears to be off ever so slightly, enough so that it  
> doesn't quite register properly.

There is a known problem when the anti alias threshold set in System  
Preferences / Appearance is so that AA would be disabled in TM, but  
the AA setting in TextMate (Preferences / Fonts & Colors) has it  

The workaround is to disable AA in TextMate's preferences (which it  
should already visually be).

That you only see the problem with RoR is strange though.

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