[TxMt] GTDalt and tmcodebrowser

Alan Schussman alan at schussman.com
Sat Aug 19 16:16:28 UTC 2006

Michael McCracken recently posted [1] some small (non-TM) hacks for  
displaying text. His TextShape tool is pretty cool, and TextStructure  
reminded me of Gerd's TmCodeBrowser plugin, though it adds the neat  
feature of marking up the symbols list with little pointers as you  
navigate through the file -- pretty cool.

Anyway, I started exploring tmcodebrowser again, and I whipped up a  
couple of tiny, trivial lines to add to one's ~/.ctags.tmcodebrowser  
file to add support for GTDalt. If anybody's interested, the  
following will just show in the codebrowser window a list of projects  
in the current .gtd file -- just one more way of displaying your  
GTDalts, beyond Haris's great remind/geektool displays. It's handy if  
you want to keep a snapshot of the overall set of projects in a very  
long .gtd file.

--regex-gtdalt=/^[\t ]*project (.*)$/\1/project/

[1] http://michael-mccracken.net/wp/


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