[TxMt] Looking for the equivalents to some Emacs commands

Joe Thornber joe.thornber at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 11:15:01 UTC 2006

Hi Jonas,

On 06/08/06, Jonas Steverud <jtvrud at bredband.net> wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am contemplating to buy TextMate, it is by far the most competent
> and well designed editor I've seen for OS X - and I've been looking
> for a replacement for Emacs for the last couple of years* - but

I recently switched from Emacs and am enjoying TextMate a lot.

> 1. A very handy feature of Emacs is the just-one-space command; that
> is, all spaces and tabs around the point is reduced into one space.
> E.g. (the bar sign is the cursor); "x  |  x" becomes "x |x". Is there
> such a command within TextMate? If not, any suggestions for how to
> create one? I did an experiment, I created a new command and had it
> running perl with a regexp on the line. The problem is that I want to
> have it to be run around the current position, not all spaces on the
> line. Is there a way of sending the current cursor position to the
> command? I.e. "x   x     |   x" shall become "x   x |x", not "x x |x"
> or something like it.

I had a go at writing this for you, the only problem with it is that
the cursor doesn't move, so if you've deleted a lot of whitespace you
will find the cursor in one of the following words.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

txt = STDIN.read
	index = ENV['TM_LINE_INDEX'].to_i
	print txt.slice(0, index).rstrip
	print " "
	print txt.slice(index, txt.length - index).lstrip
	print txt.gsub(/[ \t]+/, ' ')

Command options:
   Selected Text or Line
   Replace Selected Text

- Joe

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