[TxMt] Looking for the equivalents to some Emacs commands

Soryu Soryu at serenity.de
Sun Aug 6 11:14:50 UTC 2006

Hello Jonas,

> 1. A very handy feature of Emacs is the just-one-space command;  
> that is, all spaces and tabs around the point is reduced into one  
> space. E.g. (the bar sign is the cursor); "x  |  x" becomes "x |x".  
> Is there such a command within TextMate? If not, any suggestions  
> for how to create one? I did an experiment, I created a new command  
> and had it running perl with a regexp on the line. The problem is  
> that I want to have it to be run around the current position, not  
> all spaces on the line. Is there a way of sending the current  
> cursor position to the command? I.e. "x   x     |   x" shall become  
> "x   x |x", not "x x |x" or something like it.

An approach here is to record a Macro. Search and Replace the Regular  
Expression “(?<=\S)\s{2,}” with a single space (using the Previous  
Button, that is searching backwards). The Problem of this is that it  
will not match the current whitespace thingy when you are directly at  
the start of it. A pragmatic solution to this is to press `⌃F`  
before searching, and so moving the cursor one column to the right.  
Of course one could also do it with a Command and make use of  
`TM_INPUT_START_COLUMN` (see recent release notes of “Cutting  
Edge” Build 1200) to get the current caret position and start  
searching from there.

> 2. Indent region: Something that I frequently uses is the fill- 
> paragraph and friends of Emacs; TextMate's Reformat (^Q) isn't as  
> advanced and is not language/bundle aware. i was thinking of  
> porting the Lisp code into e.g. perl and create a new command for  
> it, but before I spend any time on it I would like to know if there  
> is something similar already implemented that I've missed? (I  
> usully write HTML, Shell Scripts and Perl in TextMate but will  
> migrate my LaTeX files and other programming languages to TextMate  
> as time passes.)

I haven't used emacs for quite some time now, but I remember using  
that command a lot as well, when TeXing. I think there might be some  
people interested to see this working for LaTeX so you might get help  
there. So this builtin Command would have to be overridden for  
specific Bundles (or all bundles depending on the Text Bundle) and  
could implement the logic needed.

> 3. When I write HTML I would like to have e.g. lists looks like this:
> <ol>
> <li>AAA Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum
>        BBB lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum
>        CCC lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum</li>
> </ol>
> But, I do not want it to add whitespace before the BBB and CCC, I  
> would like it to wrap lines visually but the file should still look  
> like this:
> <ol>
> <li>AAA Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum BBB lorem  
> ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum CCC lorem ipsum lorem  
> ipsum lorem ipsum</li>
> </ol>
> Is this even possible? The visual presentation and the physical  
> file would then differ and I don't think that makes sense for a / 
> text/ editor. (This is not available in Emacs AFAIK but it is  
> something that I miss.)

There was some discussion about Soft Wrap indentation already. I  
think it is on the TODO List but you should not count on it to be  
implemented too soon.
But generally, I don't understand why one would not want to insert a  
hard line break and some more whitespace in that case. HTML does not  
care about that whitespace at all (if it's not inside a preformatted  
block). When someone else looks at the source with a different Wrap  
Column Setting all he will see is little mess ;) But that's personal  
preference for you.

Have a nice day,

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