[TxMt] [rev 469] where hass \t gone?

José Campos jose.campos+tm at galacsys.com
Sat Sep 24 12:02:41 UTC 2005

Allan Odgaard <allan at macromates.com> wrote:

> I didn't keep the escape characters from previous syntax, except \n 

> -- let me know if I need to add others. 

    At least you kept the Character classes?

> Also, the new syntax btw also support \l and \u (for changing case only of
> first letter), where I think the old contains only \L and \U -- 

    \U \u \L or \l do not seem to work correctly in the "find" box (but
work in the "replace" box)

    And, in the older versions, when "Regular expression" was checked in
the "Find options" box, the other choices ("Ignore case" and "Wrap
around") were not available. In this version, they are. Is it a feature?

> I'll update the manual page on this also for next rev.

    OK, nice, because it's quite confusing :)

    Thanks a lot

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