[TxMt] Chunked undo, Language, overall slowness

Caio Chassot k at v2studio.com
Sun Sep 4 20:48:34 UTC 2005

> 1) The undo behavior. I read an earlier digest that standard OS 
> "chunk" undos were planned, but I don't see this pref anywhere. Is 
> there a plist command that will turn on chunk undos, and if not, will 
> this feature be coming soon? Having to hit cmnd-z 34 times in a row is 
> tiresome...

AFAICT, Allan is not very fond of the way chunk undos behave.  I'm not 
sure I'm all for it either, but a preference would sure be nice. Back 
in the first release I suggested to Allan that he used timed keypressed 
to determine the undo chunks, so that it's a bit smarter and doesn't 
undo too much.

> 3) Slowness. I've read a variety of posts on the subject, and it seems 
> TextMate is buggy (or coded in a non-efficient manner) when dealing 
> with multiple open files and across a network. The slowdowns I 
> experiencing when switching tabs or switching to/from the application 
> itself grow slower the longer I have a set of files open-- this 
> problem really needs to be addressed.

Being around since 1.0, (reg #70), I can tell you it's got much faster 
in many aspects, and slower in things that were changed recently. Tab 
switching is really bugging me with b17. App switching is just fine 

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