[TxMt] Chunked undo, Language, overall slowness

Steve Weintraub steve at dalahus.com
Sun Sep 4 20:22:54 UTC 2005

I'm new to Textmate, and like what I see so far. Three things off the  
bat are frustrating that are really keeping me from using it full  
time. If I'm missing some simple fixes to any of these, please forgive:

1) The undo behavior. I read an earlier digest that standard OS  
"chunk" undos were planned, but I don't see this pref anywhere. Is  
there a plist command that will turn on chunk undos, and if not, will  
this feature be coming soon? Having to hit cmnd-z 34 times in a row  
is tiresome...

2) While I can pick the language of a file independent of the  
filename, some command behaviors appears to be tied to the filename.  
For example, I have foo.php which is mostly straight html code, but  
since the filename is .php, unComment give me php comments, not html.  
Shouldn't it be possible to have the commands tied to the language  

3) Slowness. I've read a variety of posts on the subject, and it  
seems TextMate is buggy (or coded in a non-efficient manner) when  
dealing with multiple open files and across a network. The slowdowns  
I experiencing when switching tabs or switching to/from the  
application itself grow slower the longer I have a set of files  
open-- this problem really needs to be addressed.


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