[TxMt] Remote editing via ssh peer review.

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Mon Oct 10 08:27:00 UTC 2005

I agree that using rsync will make it more usable, since it is often 
that you're working on more than one file and you don't want to go 
through the hassle of locating each one that needs to be uploaded.

However, I'm in a position where the system administration of the server 
where I can keep files do not support SSH keys. They have the strict 
attitude that it is not safe to have passwords in files[1].
So I need a way to feed the password to the command before it fires up 
and I don't really want to hardcode this into a command. Does anyone 
know of a nice way of using a dialog to get the password and feed it to 
the command when needed ?


[1]: In the case of stupid users who don't use a passphrase and are 
pretty careless with files, I can agree with their point. However, my 
opinion is that SSH Keys are inherently not less secure than passwords 
or easier to lose. But I've been unsuccesful yet in convincing them of 
this fact.

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