[TxMt] Images in XHTML with B12

Eric Curtis ericc at mac.com
Fri Jun 17 17:03:04 UTC 2005

Actually no. I removed:

firstLineMatch = "^\\s*<\\?xml";

So the definition starts like this now:

{    scopeName = "text.xml";
     fileTypes = ( "xml", "tld", "jsp", "xsl", "xslt", "pt", "cpt",  
"dtml" );

I next tried making a new project and pulling in all the files put it  
still defaulted to XML. I tried quitting and restarting TM thinking  
perhaps it was a cached setting but no luck.

Interesting no?


> And as for changing them, after removing the firstLineMatch from  
> the XML language, it should correctly show them as HTML on each  
> (new) load, right!?!

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