[TxMt] Images in XHTML with B12

Eric Curtis ericc at mac.com
Fri Jun 17 16:43:31 UTC 2005

Two interesting things I notice in regards to changing the view:

1. If I change the view and then go to another document tab and  
return the language resets to XML. I wonder if there is someway to  
maintain the changed setting esp when you are working in a project.

2. If the above could be implimented it would also be helpful to  
allow the user to have multiiple files selected in the Drawer and  
apply all the changes to the selected documents. For example in with  
my site I need to change 10 files from XML to HTML and have them  
maintain the settings.

Thank you for you attention.

Eric C

> Ah, okay -- then that's why the dropped image isn't inserted. If  
> you switch to HTML (using View -> Language -> HTML) it should work.
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