[TxMt] PHPCodeCompletion v 1.0b5 available (b15 supported now)

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Wed Jul 27 10:01:49 UTC 2005

On 27 Jul 2005, at 10:26, Sam Andrews wrote:
> this looks great, but there seem to be a whole slew of new key- 
> combos to learn to access these functions.  in most ides and text  
> editors i've used that offer this functonality most of it is  
> usually transparent - a list of functions would appear to cycle  
> through without having to press anything (you'd expect EXC to hide  
> the list). to select the function you'd expect to press Tab or  
> Return. Likewise you'd expect the tooltip for a completed function  
> name to appear automatically when the caret is inside the function  
> name.
> i don't know if it is a limitation of how we can currently mod  
> textmate, but this sort of behaviour would be far preferable to  
> hitting keys left right and center - it seems to be at odds with  
> the general apple ease-of-use.

First of all the PHPCC is NOT a native implementation of Textmate,  
but rather a proof-of-concept implementation of something that I and  
others would like to see in the app.  As a 'result' (??) of the  
PHPCC, Alan began looking at this himself, but we have not yet seen  
the TM implementation of this, although I believe the new "Paste from  
History" dropdown menu is part of it in some way.

Secondly, yes, the implementation would ideally be something like  
what you describe above, and I'm fairly sure it will be one day when  
Allan has had the time to implement it. In the meantime, this works,  
even if it's a bit clunky and un-sophisticated.

Thirdly, although I'm not an expert of all other text editors or  
IDE's, I believe that TM is rather unique in it's ability to let  
users create such complex things as this on their own. Don't forget  
that TM is less than one year old, is developed by one single person,  
and has improved enormously during that time. It's easy for us all to  
have expectations, but it's damn hard work to cater for all those  
expectations, and I think Allan has done a brilliant job of it, even  
though he does not always agree with every suggestion put forward.

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